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The Pyramids, the Nile, Cairo, the Valley of the Kings all spring to mind when we think about Egypt but have you considered Egypt as a beach holiday destination? Egypt has fantastic beach resorts scattered around the Red Sea which is teaming with marine life. Combine this with the high quality of accommodation and its rich culture makes Egypt an amazing destination for a family holiday.

Holidays in Egypt

Red Sea Resorts

The Egyptian government in the late eighties decided to try and extend the country's tourist appeal by developing key villages which border the Red Sea. So was born Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab, El Gouna and many others. These resorts were chosen for development due to their two key natural resources, great beaches and superb marine life. Now these Red Sea resorts are extremely popular with a growing number of family holiday makers who are attracted by the year round sun, the high quality of hotels and the value for money offered.


The Egyptian climate is very dry and during the summer extremely hot, with temperatures in the high 30's in Cairo the Red Sea resorts and even hotter inland at Luxor. Small children may find this heat unbearable. Our advice if you are worried about your children and the heat is to go during late autumn or winter when the temperatures sit in the mid twenties which is much more comfortable for small children and cheaper to boot!

Visa and Health

You need a visa to stay in Egypt which is free for those who stay no more than 14 days in Sharm El Sheikh, conditions apply. The standard 30 day Egyptian visa costs £18 and can be bought either via the Egyptian Consulate or at the airport. There have been reports of people getting ripped off at the airport so just be careful! Please also ensure that you and your family have at least 6 months left on your passport before you travel to Egypt.

Do not drink the tap water nor brush your teeth with it -use bottled water instead. Other precautions you can take are; make sure the ice in your drinks is made from tap water; when eating salads ask what the leaves were washed in; some milk is unpasteurised so be careful, if in doubt boil it; always wash your hands before eating, in fact take some antibacterial gel. If you are unfortunate and get tummy troubles, go to the local pharmacy as they know how best to deal with local tummy bugs.

Nile and Cairo

Arguably the longest river in the world, the River Nile has had a huge impact on the life of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians loved the beauty of the Nile so much that they went on holiday there to a place called Thebes, now called Luxor, where they built palaces and temples. Luxor, known as the "largest open air museum in the world" is a great place to stay and enjoy the ruins, temples and burial chambers of the ancient Egyptians - fascinating and educational!

Cairo, also sits on the Nile is the largest city on Africa and boy do you know it. This very busy and vibrant city is a melting pot of cultures and history. Really, there is no place on earth where you can walk down a street with shops which haven't moved for nearly 600 years - obviously no Tescos! Top of everyone's list of things to see in Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza, and its top for a reason - truly spectacular definitely not to be missed.

Map of Egypt

Time Zone :GMT +2 hours
Flying Time :5-6 hours
Currency :Egypt Pound
This graph shows the average high and low temperatures throughout the year for Egypt

Egypt Deals

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3 Rating Hurghada
from London Gatwick

Sand Beach Hotel 10 Nts, Bed & Breakfast
Sand Beach Hotel
from £368.40
(per person including flights)

5 Rating Hurghada
from London Gatwick

Golden 5 Emerald Hotel 10 Nts, Bed & Breakfast
Golden 5 Emerald Hotel
from £422.71
(per person including flights)


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